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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Obsidian/Dragon Glass Earrings. 925 Sterling Silver Hand Forged Hoops - Darkmoon Fayre

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Obsidian/Dragon Glass Earrings. 925 Sterling Silver Hand Forged Hoops


*you will be buying the exact pair as shown in the photos*

Art Deco Inspired Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Black Obsidian Doughnut Earrings. All Sterling Silver Hand Forged Hoop Ear-wires and Headpins. The Black Obsidian is from Mexico and the Natural Turquoise is from the Sleeping Beauty mines in Arizona. The Turquoise beads are cute tiny faceted rondelles (3x4mm) and are a beautiful sky blue Turquoise with a few Pyrite inclusions, they are totally natural untreated solid Turquoise pieces.

✩Size (all measurements are approximate)✩
3.5cm (1.4 inches) from top of finding to bottom
Black Obsidian donuts 14mm
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise faceted rondelles 3x4mm

✩Sleeping Beauty Turquoise✩
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is so called because it come from the "Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine" (Arizona USA, a highly revered location for Turquoise) it got its name because the shape of the the mountains looks like the reclined silhouette of character Sleeping Beauty. Turquoise forms with beautiful matrix veins whereby other minerals have become trapped in the gemstone as it forms such as Pyrite, which appear as patches or veins of grey or black.

✩Turquoise Mythology, Legends, Lore and History✩
*The ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Tibetans have believed in the special powers of turquoise for centuries. Some believed that turquoise can protect its wearer from harm, whilst others thought that it brought good luck or longevity.
*Today turquoise is believed to offer protection and to be helpful for careers and travel. It is thought to facilitate leadership and clear communication.
*Turquoise is associated with clearing Ajna, or the third eye chakra and Vishuddha, or the throat chakra.
*Turquoise is the traditional birthstone for December and a Zodiac stone for Sagittarians.
*In Feng Shui, turquoise carries water energy.

✩Black Obsidian✩
Black Obsidian is a volcanic glass. On first glances it appears as a rich opaque black, but when held up to a light it has an occasional areas of translucency, showing rich browns or dark greens. Obsidian may also contain patterns of gas bubbles remaining from the lava flow. These bubbles can produce interesting effects such as a golden sheen.

✩Obsidian Mythology, Legends, Lore and History✩
*For fans of Games of Thrones this Obsidian is also know as "Dragon Glass", although I'm not sure how these earrings would help dealing with White Walkers!
*Since ancient times, obsidian has been used in making various tools such as arrowheads, knives, and saws. Today, some of the sharpest medical scalpels in the world or made from it, because of how thinly and smoothly the blade can be sharpened.
*Obsidian is a very strong gem stone of protection, worn by ancient warriors to ensure both protection in battle and also that they maintain their high standards of honour by being honest, sincere and truthful.
*Polished Obsidian was also used to make scrying mirrors for foretelling the future.

The hand forged Sterling Silver ear-wire/hoops are suitable for regular/normal pierced ears, they are made from 0.6mm wire. This will easily fit regular piercings but if you would prefer a slightly thicker 0.8mm ear-wire, please add a note when you buy, I will make and replace this for you at no extra charge.
*If you like this design I could make you something very similar with a non-pierced finding (the non-pierced/clip-on findings would be silver plated).
*These earring hoop finding can be worn through gauged tunnels, I have tried this style of ear-wire trough my own 8mm metal and silicone tunnels, they fit and hang wonderfully.
*I also offer the option of a "Fish Hook" style ear-wire.

Please choose the ear finding type from the drop down menu.

✩The hand photo✩
Meet Mephisto the measuring hand, he will help show you the rough scale of the jewellery. The hand is exactly the same size as my own hand (I'm an average UK ladies size 7 glove).

Your purchase will come gift wrapped in a lovely organza bag, acid free coloured/patterned tissue paper (colour+patterns may vary depending on season/item) and a sturdy outer packing mini corrugated cardboard box, ready to give as a loving gift to someone special or for a treat for yourself.
If you have any special requests, please ask.

Please see the other listings in my Sterling Silver Moon Section for a matching necklace.
If no necklace is listed I can make one to your requirements, please message me if you would like me to make one for you



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