About Darkmoon Fayre

A one woman, hand crafted operation doing everything from sourcing materials, designing, making, photographing, wrapping and posting.

All the jewellery is individually handmade by me, in my home studio. I make all my items one at time, so every item will be special and unique to you. 

From being very young I have had artistic yearnings to create drawings, paintings, pottery and models. My lovely Granny and Mum taught me how to sew and knit I have created many beautiful and sometimes unusual clothes, but all have been for my own use. Then I developed an interest in making jewellery for myself, mainly because I wanted to wear something special, that I knew no one else would be wearing. I also have made my friends and relatives many unique pieces as Birthday and Wedding gifts. I have been a bit of a craft-o-holic over the years and have tried my hand at many and varied crafts such as glass painting, weaving, willow basket making, pewter casting, blacksmithing, bronze casting (I have even made my own Bronze Age style sword using traditional methods). My taste and styling definitely lean towards the “alternative” or “Goth” styles, but I also love historical jewellery and clothing (Egyptian, Roman, Iron Age, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco). One of my main hobbies for around 10 years was historical re-enactment in the Iron Age and Roman periods, from that I have good knowledge of jewellery from that period.

I also have been a fan from being very young of TV shows such as Dr Who, Adams Family, The Munster’s, Buffy and more recently Game of Thrones, which often inspire my ideas. My film interests also have a leaning towards the magical or fantasy such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and anything connected with fantasy, vampires, pirates, sinister fairy tales and mythical creatures.

I was enthralled and excited by the music of the New Wave and Gothic subcultures which has also greatly influenced my taste in clothing and jewellery. My other influences stem from my more spiritual side which is definitely nature based. I love yoga, belly dance and have a keen interest in complementary therapies.

Recently I had more yearnings to start creating jewellery again, so I have unearthed my fabulous treasure stash of amazing beads and findings. With the help of the internet I thought that I would try my hand at sharing my creations via the wonderful media of this virtual craft fair. The internet has also given me access to new, unusual, beautiful and hard to source materials from all over the world, that I could only have dreamt of in my early crafting days.

The adornments that I make are created from a mixture of exciting new and gorgeous vintage reclaimed materials. New materials include Semi-Precious, Precious stones, Czech cut, fired and pressed polished glass, Premium Quality Lead Crystal, Sterling Silver, Tibetan Silver, Copper, Bronze and many more. I personally love jewellery to look old and "lived in" so I will often use Patinas to give them an aged look.

Thank you for taking time to browse my individually handmade creations.
I hope you will get as much pleasure when you wear my creations, as I did when I designed and made them.