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Covid-19 Info

Shop updates

1 Sept 2021:

Business as usual at my end (I will update as necessary).

Please also see my shipping information page:


Hygiene & Safety

I take jewellery safety and hygiene seriously; I previously had never thought of mentioning this but in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic I thought that you may like this little bit of extra information:

Early in Jan 2020 I invested in a UV steriliser, which I use on all finished pieces of jewellery and other items immediately before I wrap and pack them, this ensures that all items are as safe as they can possibly be.

After a bit of research, the UV steriliser that I chose was one that is designed to sterilise babies bottles, so I figured that it would be perfectly safe and good for jewellery. It can also come in very useful for sterilising jewellery tools, phones, remote controls, keys and anything else that you can fit in it, as it is fairly roomy inside.

Please bear in mind that although all items are UV sterilised immediately before packing, I cannot vouch for the health status of anyone handling your package after they have left my hands. Government recommendations say that Coronavirus can survive for up to 24 hours on absorbent surfaces (paper/cloth) and up to 72 hours on hard/non absorbent surfaces (plastic/metal), so please bear that in mind when opening your package.

Stay Safe
Live long & prosper.


Postal Updates:

Please follow this link to the Royal Mail, it gives a list country by country of any delays: 


*Please note, as you will expect all packages are tending to take longer than usual to reach customers (especially International orders, where parcels pass through customs check points), so please be patient with the Posties.

*Postal services/delays may vary vastly from country to country or even region to region.

You can check with your delivery carrier to see if and how your service is being affected. Here are some links to carrier service alerts (some countries have postal have bans on non essential items) please check locally if you are in doubt: