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It's just me on my own, a one woman hand crafted operation doing everything from sourcing materials, designing, making, photographing, wrapping and posting. All the jewellery is individually handmade by me, in my home studio. Even if I do make a repeat of an item, as I make all the jewellery one at time (I never bulk make) every item will be unique. Every item is very limited edition and most are one-of -a-kind.

All of my muses and inspirations make for an eclectic mix of jewellery, that I hope will appeal to the many facets of your personality.

The adornments that I make are created from a mixture of exciting new and gorgeous vintage reclaimed materials. New materials include Semi-Precious, Precious stones, Czech fire polished and premium quality cut lead crystal beads, Sterling Silver, Tibetan Silver, Copper, Bronze and many more. I personally love jewellery to look old and "lived in" so I will often use Patinas to give them an aged look.