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Medieval Fantasy, Equal Armed Cross & Lapis Lazuli  Earrings. Gold cross with Fleur de Lis ends. September Birthstone. - Darkmoon Fayre

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Medieval Fantasy, Equal Armed Cross & Lapis Lazuli Earrings. Gold cross with Fleur de Lis ends. September Birthstone.


Hand wired Lapis Lazuli earrings. A beautiful combination of a deliciously dark deep blue Lapis Lazuli bead and a gold plated Tibetan silver equal armed cross with Fleur de Lis ends. The beads are 16mm round, button shaped beads, they contain some inclusions of pyrite which makes them even more beautiful and makes every pair of earrings unique. A modern take on a very traditional symbol, perfect for all those like me, that admire fantasy Medieval films or TV series such as Game of Thrones.

✩The Equal-Armed Cross✩
referred to as the Maltese cross, square cross, the balanced cross or the peaceful cross, is another name for the Greek Cross and is found in many ancient cultures. It is often interpreted as representing the four seasons, four winds, four elements. An equal-armed cross represents the planet Earth in traditional astrological/astronomical symbols. The equal armed cross is also associated with the Brigid's cross (Cros Bríde, Crosóg Bríde or Bogha Bríde), a small cross cruciform usually made from rushes or, less often. It comprises a woven square in the centre and four radials tied at the ends. It is also related to the pagan symbol known as the Sun Cross. Brigid's crosses are associated with Brigid of Kildare, who is venerated as one of the patron saints of Ireland. The crosses are traditionally made on 1 February. It was traditionally believed that a Brigid's Cross protects the house from fire and evil.

✩Lapis Lazuli✩
The Egyptians powdered Lapis Lazuli to make the colour ultramarine, and used it as eye shadow. Natural ultramarine pigment made from ground Lapis Lazuli. This was the most expensive blue pigment during the Renaissance, often reserved for depicting the robes of Angels.
It was one of the most favourite stones of the Egyptians. It was thought to be sacred to the star goddess Nuit of the heavens and to Maat, the goddess of truth and balance. If you wished to call upon one of these Goddesses, you placed a piece of Lapis Lazuli as an offering on your altar. The Egyptian Sun god Ra was also described as having Lapis Lazuli hair, which was symbolic of the heavens. The association may have come about due to the 'golden Sun' pyrite flecks in the blue stone. The stone continued to have such positive symbolic associations into Late Period Egypt, becoming known as 'kheshed', which meant 'joy' or 'delight'. Protective amulets and talismans were often carved onto this precious stone.

✩Size (all measurements are approximate)✩
6.5cm from top of finding to bottom

These earrings come with very secure lever back findings (as pictured) which are suitable for pierced ears. But can be replaced (free of charge) with:
*non-pierced findings
*large kidney wires, suitable for wearing though gauged tunnels, or if you prefer a longer earring (this will add approximately 2.5cm to the overall length).
Just add a message to me on your "shopping cart/Add a note to your order" to say what sort of ear-wire/finding that you want. If you do not include a message I will assume that you want the finding as shown in the photo.

Your purchase will come gift wrapped in a lovely organza bag, acid free coloured/patterned tissue paper (colour+patterns may vary depending on season/item) and a sturdy outer packing mini corrugated cardboard box, ready to give as a loving gift to someone special or for a treat for yourself.
If you have any special requests, please ask.

The hand photo
Meet Mephisto the measuring hand, he will help show you the rough scale of the jewellery. The hand is exactly the same size as my own hand (I’m an average UK ladies size 7 glove).

If you like these earrings see my other listings for a beautiful matching necklace, or if none are listed you can request a custom design. Please message me if you are interested in matching/coordinating items.

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