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Labyrinth in Cobalt Blue Ceramic Necklace. Triskelion Rosary Connector. Lapis Lazuli Cubes - Darkmoon Fayre

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Labyrinth in Cobalt Blue Ceramic Necklace. Triskelion Rosary Connector. Lapis Lazuli Cubes


*One Of A Kind, you will get the exact necklace as shown*.

Cobalt blue ceramic labyrinth necklace. The pendant is suspended from a Triskelion rosary connector, hand wire wrapped rosary chain with Lapis Lazuli cubes and a vintage look spiral chain, finished with a shepherd's crook style clasp.
The pendant is a high fired ceramic with a shiny glaze, beautifully textured, in a rich shade of cobalt blue. This pendant will be unique to you due to differences in the firing process. It is the only one I have in this colour/glaze.

✩Necklace measurements (all measurements are approximate)✩
*44cm (17.5 inches) long,
*labyrinth pendant 2.8cm diameter,
*central drop 5cm overall

✩Lapis Lazuli~Mythology, Legends, Lore and History✩
Throat Chakra/5th Chakra- blue (knowledge of, and oneness with, divine guidance). The throat Chakra is our communication centre, thus giving us our ability to verbally express ourselves and to be able to have open, clear communication of feelings and thoughts. Ability to release. It is the gateway to the Higher Consciousness and the gateway through which the emotions contained in the heart pass, to become balanced and harmonised.

✩The labyrinth~Mythology, Legends, Lore and History✩
The labyrinth appears in cultures the world over, from Italy to Navajo to the Celtic lands of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Britain to Syria to Greece, the home of the perhaps most famous story of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur in Crete. The Cretan (or Minoan) labyrinth is the oldest form of labyrinth. It comes from the ancient Goddess-centred Minoan civilisation which once flourished on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.

✩The Triskele/Triskelion~Mythology, Legends, Lore and History✩
although it appears in many places and periods, it is especially characteristic of the La Tène culture of the European Iron Age. The Triskelion symbol appears in many early cultures, including west's earliest known first astronomical calendar in Ireland at the famous megalithic tomb of Newgrange built around 3200 BC, Mycenaean vessels, on coinage in Lycia and Pamphylia (at Aspendos, 370–333 BC) and Pisidia. It appears as a heraldic emblem on warriors' shields depicted on Greek pottery. In more recent time it has come to represent the Triple Goddess.

Your purchase will come gift wrapped in a lovely organza bag, acid free coloured/patterned tissue paper (colour+patterns may vary depending on season/item) and a sturdy outer packing mini corrugated cardboard box, ready to give as a loving gift to someone special or for a treat for yourself.
If you have any special requests, please ask.

✩The hand photo✩
Meet Mephisto the measuring hand, he will help show you the rough scale of the jewellery. The hand is exactly the same size as my own hand (I’m an average UK ladies size 7 glove).

If you like this necklace please see my other listings for matching earrings.
Or if none are listed, I can make some to your requirements, please message me if you would like me to make some for you.



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